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Interested in a Home Loan?

Home loan: advantages and solutions For those who want to buy an apartment or start renovating their home, perhaps in order to take advantage of the tax incentives granted at the state level, or even change their look by changing the furnishing, the right path can certainly be represented by the home loan. A road […]

Debt consolidation

Advantages of Debt Consolidation

The consolidation of loans is a combination of various financial obligations held by the client into one loan. The bank that offers this product repays the borrower’s debt, which means that he signs a new commitment with a given bank and regulates only one loan. Both cash consolidation loans and mortgage consolidation loans are offered. Although this product […]

Debt consolidation

Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation is a loan that allows you to pay off debts, combining multiple loans into one installment whose monthly amount is less than the sum of all the small repayments. Simply put, it is a loan that makes the extinction of debt for families more sustainable. Below are the most frequently asked questions about […]

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Loan despite debt

It is basically possible to take out a loan despite debts. This can be taken up both for a rescheduling and in the form of an additional loan. Debt that does not have fixed repayment obligations, such as the current account credit overdraft, does not fundamentally affect additional borrowing because it is not included in the […]

Payday loan consolidation help

Over-indebtedness. Too many debts? Even the debtors have rights.

    In this article “Over-indebtedness”: a procedure that protects and safeguards the dignity of the over-indebted debtor, a provision that confers the right to settle debts in relation to their economic possibilities. Did you know that in German debt and guilt translate with the exact same word? Lexical details that make the idea of […]